Meet Me, Ibby!

Ibby Summer Kids ConcertWho am I? I would like to think that my music pretty much says it all, but there’s never enough time in a song to tell you everything. And I do agree that some of the stories may need some more background information, so here goes…

I’m 16 years young, and I live in a pretty small town. We’re not the kind of small where everybody knows everyone (which would be kind of fun actually) but we are small enough to not be on the map when the weather comes on the news. I refer to my songs as the “bedroom floor songs” because, as you may have guessed, I write them on my bedroom floor. I figure that life is one’s best muse when writing a song, so I tell the stories that I experience. On my first record, Never Slowing Down, I wrote mainly about relationships and the way I saw life as a 15 year old freshman in high school. Since I’ve written that record, I’ve been to a lot more places, heard a lot more things, and met a lot more people. With that said, some of the songs on my upcoming record were written in the backseat of a car somewhere between Virginia and Tennessee, some were written on my bedroom floor, some were written on the front steps of record labels that didn’t know me, and some were written on napkins in a Minnesota airport (the acoustics were fantastic, believe it or not.) The way that I chose to approach this album was a bit more strategic, in the sense that I wrote not only what I felt, but also what I saw. Therefore, the stories on this album aren’t all things that I personally lived. They could be something that I witnessed, or something that I dreamt up, or something that I hoped for, or something that I didn’t understand (and spent the song trying to.) My first priority when writing music is to get out what I need to express in order to keep on; The next priority is always to make these messages relatable to the common listener: mainly because, at the end of the day, I am also a common listener. Typically what I have to say is accepted widely among my listeners because I write what we all experience. But please don’t stop at reading about my music; Go listen to it for yourself!

Love 1,000 times over,